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Our Partners
Our Partners
a community who cares enough to engage in collaborative efforts

Collective Giving

We value strength in numbers and take a grassroots approach bringing a community together to create impactful change in our community. We are grateful to those who join us, hand-in-hand, as we unite the local community and make a sustainable, cooperative impact in the lives of those around us.

Legacy Partners

We lost the following individuals whose legacy will continue through Must! Charities project giving.

  • In Memory Of Abigail Hoats
  • In Memory Of Annette Cassidy
  • In Memory Of Bibiche Peck
  • In Memory of Celeste English
  • In Memory of Conrad Smith
  • In Memory of Diane McKinley
  • In Memory of Dollie Duval
  • In Memory of Garrett Sutton
  • In Memory of Gene Kaula
  • In Memory of Jack Oliver
  • In Memory Of Jack Peschong
  • In Memory of James P. Sargen
  • In Memory of John Kelly
  • In Memory Of John Roberts
  • In Memory Of Joseph "Jack" Morales
  • In Memory of Julie Warnke Beeson
  • In Memory of Katie Warner
  • In Memory of Leanne Liechtenstein
  • In Memory of Louise Alice LaHargoue
  • In Memory of Mini Jane Wells
  • In Memory of Richard Klemm
  • In Memory of Stan Trom
  • In Memory of Ted Burgess
  • In Memory of Vermelle Sporleder
  • In Memory of Warren Shelton

These partners reflect all who invested in 2022 to current.