Our Mission

The Impact of Poverty

Individual Quality of Life | Rise in crime, gang activity, lack of proper after school care, high school dropouts, teen pregnancies, and abuse.

Future Generations | Establishment of cycles as life issues escalate. Discrimination & social exclusion push children to aggressive behavior & less self-control.

Local Economy | Without healthy, self-reliant families to contribute to our community, we cannot grow and sustain the economy.

Our Culture | Crime & unemployment in impoverished neighborhoods often lead to chronic poverty.


Our Solution

must! charities is an innovative crossroads of philanthropy. We partner with donors to strengthen our community by connecting visionary leadership to strategic philanthropic investments.

  • Based on community needs, we work with existing non-profits in a variety of sectors, including education, healthcare, mentoring, employment coaching and more.
  • We make a greater, more focused impact through collaboration
  • We foster relationships through expertise, research, & other resources.
  • We empower nonprofits to make strategic, sustainable change.

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The Situation of Poverty

Source: United States Census Bureau, Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates, 2009; SLO County Action for Healthy Communities Report 2010