November 26, 2018 | Local Wineries Donate a Buck a Bottle for Must! Month

November 26, 2018 (Templeton, CA) – In the last five years, December Must! Month has generated $55,000 in donations to must! charities. Each December, select wineries donate a ‘Buck a Bottle’ sold in tasting rooms, online, or over the phone.  Tablas Creek Vineyard paved the path five years ago, donating a buck a bottle of ALL bottle sales during the month of December.  Since then J. Dusi Wines, Adelaida Vineyards & Winery, and Venteux Vineyards have included Must! Month in their giving portfolio.  New this year is a ‘Buck a Pie’, where a buck per pizza at 15C Wine Shop and Bar will be donated to must! charities.

“The Buck a Bottle concept epitomizes what we believe at must! charities - that together we can do so much more than what we could do on our own,” says Becky Gray, Executive Director. “The promotion offers an opportunity to wineries and their customers to positively impact the Northern San Luis Obispo County region.  And like all community donations, 100% of every ‘buck’ donated goes directly into partnerships with local non-profit organizations.”

The Power of a Buck a Bottle: whether it is in on a single label, every label, for a dedicated month or for the entire year - the 'Buck a Bottle' model works and makes big changes in our community.  While December’s Must! Month remains a popular giving season mainstay, there are other partners of must! charities that donate a Buck a Bottle in some form year round: Saxum Vineyards, TH Estate Wines, Jack Creek Cellars, Torrin Vineyard, and Cass Winery. Together they are making a difference!

Jason Haas, General Manager of Tablas Creek Vineyard says, “We are proud to support the great work that must! charities is doing. Their approach neither puts a band-aid on an ongoing problem, nor does it create ongoing dependency in an organization. Instead, by focusing on one or two major programs each year, and by providing expertise as well as financial support, it enables the organizations to transform themselves in a way that does lasting good in areas that are so important.”

So buy a bottle (or pie) from these wineries to share with friends in the name of social good.  Cheers!

must! charities:                                                                                                                                     

Since 2012, must! charities has committed over $1.6 million dollars in North San Luis Obispo County. Must! Charities works together with individuals and businesses in the community who are dedicated to improving the quality of life of those most in need. Must!’s community work adds to the vibrancy of the region by strengthening partnerships and programs through fundraising and advocacy. They continuously empower non-profits to make strategic, sustainable changes that create greater impacts in relationships.


Must! Charities Contact:

Becky Gray, must! charities



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