Youth Board

must! charities' Youth Board is a group of local high school students making a positive difference through collaboration and dedication by empowering other youth to make changes that are wanted and needed to benefit the community as a whole.

Students involved have volunteered to serve a minimum of a year term (September through May) and are locally known leaders on their campus. They have displayed a willingness to serve and make a difference for those less fortunate in our community.

APPLY NOW for our 2017/18 Youth Board.  Applications accepted through August 15, 2017

Youth Board

Courtney Basden | Youth Board Member
I am a junior at Atascadero High School. I have lived in SLO county for most of my life, and I love being here! Currently, I am a member of CSF and Friday Night Live, captain of the Varsity tennis team, an officer for my 4H club, and I also take a couple of Cuesta classes when I can. After I complete high school, I would like to pursue a career in photography or graphic design, since both of them are my passions. I wanted to be a member of the must! Youth Board because I love doing community service, and I wanted to meet students who had the same drive to make the world a better place. A quote that I live by is "Life is about moments: don't wait for them, create them."

Carmen Bouquin | Youth Board Member
I am a junior at Templeton High School. I am involved with the Wellness Kitchen, Kindness Club, United Way Youth team, Mock Trial, Feminist Club and Environmental Club. I enjoy doing activities in the mountains. I joined the Youth Board because I enjoy connecting with the community and I value helping others in need. Being a part of Must! not only allows me to give back but also integrate myself better into the community. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people and to assess where the in the community the most need is. After High School I want to continue on to college then law school. My favorite quotes is " Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputations can never effect a reform", By Susan B. Anthony.

Noah Crabtree | Youth Board Member
I have lived in the North County since 1999. I’m currently a senior at Templeton High School. I enjoy playing guitar, reading, and being outdoors. I’m involved in community service through the Templeton CSF chapter. I want to serve on the Must! youth board because it is an amazing opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much. After high school I want to attend college and pursue an English degree. I have always drawn inspiration from a speech by Carl Sagan called A Pale Blue Dot. One particular line has always stood out to me, “There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.” More than anything, this speech reminds me that we have to care for each other and that the goal of our lives should be to live humbly and help those who need it.

Sophia Crabtree | Youth Board Member
I am blessed to say that I have grown up on the Central Coast. I am currently a senior at Templeton High School. My time is best spent hiking, working out, and pursuing my passion for medicine and healthcare. In addition to Must! Charities, I am involved with CSF(California Scholarship Federation), volunteering at local events and community clean-ups, and assisting in special education programs. I have been involved in giving back to our community for as long as I can remember. My motivation to give back to my community stems from my desire to show my appreciation for the thoughtfulness and kindness of people in our community and to extend generosity to those who need it most. A life-time goal of mine is to become a general surgeon and to help educate the general public about common health issues. A quote that has resonated with me is, “I like when someone gets excited about something, it’s nice,” by J.D. Salinger.

Emma Gray | Youth Board Member
I am a senior at Templeton High School, and I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo county. I enjoy playing tennis, surfing, and painting on my free time. I am passionate about serving and loving others, because everyone deserves to be loved and valued. This is what leads me to where I am today, serving on Must! Charities youth board, I can give back to my own community and spread this love I am so passionate about.

Mia Kline | Youth Board Member
I am a junior at Templeton High School. I like to run and I am on the Templeton High School cross country team. I wanted to be on the youth board so that I could help my community in an organized way. In the future I plan to go to college and continue to help my community. I am inspired by my parents who encourage me to actively participate in my community. They encourage me to be the best person I can be.

Carra Kruse | Youth Board Member
I am senior at Templeton High School. I play volleyball and golf and am currently the ASB president. This is my second year on the must! Charities youth board. I wanted to be on this board because I can help more people through the wonderful organizations that must! pairs with. I have no set goal of “what I want to be when I grow up,” but I do know that whatever I do, I want to leave every situation just a little better than how I found it. The people who inspire me most are my parents. One thing they always tell me is “It's going to be okay.” No matter what happens in life, I truly believe there is a plan behind it and in the end, everything truly will be okay.

Zack Kruse | Youth Board Member
I am currently a Junior at Templeton High School. I was born and raised in the Templeton community. I enjoy sports, hunting, spending time with friends, and most outdoor activities. I help coach the girls volleyball teams at the school, play varsity volleyball, and I am a member of the ASB class. I want to serve on the Youth Board because I want to learn how to make a difference in my community and see efforts made to contribute to these differences. In the future I plan to graduate from college and establish myself in a sound job with a family, although what field of work I do not know. Someone who inspires me in life is my dad. He has taught me what hard work truly is and that everything in life should be earned fairly.

Madison Miller | Youth Board Member
I am a junior at Templeton high school and I have lived in SLO county for my whole life. I am involved in my school's mock trial team, feminist club, CSF, and ASB. I also volunteer at the Wellness Kitchen, Templeton Presbyterian Church, and other local events. I enjoy traveling, reading, making crafts, and spending time with my friends. I wanted to join the must! charities youth board to help provide need to organizations in our area and to help my peers get involved in our community. After high school, I am considering pursuing a law degree. I'm so excited for the opportunity to be involved in this great organization!

Olivia Smith | Youth Board Member
II am a junior at Templeton High School. I have lived in Templeton my entire life. I am involved with yearbook and the environmental club at my school. I am also part of Main Street Dance Company. I enjoy being outside, dancing and baking. I joined the Must! Charities Youth Board because I want to help our community as much as possible, I want to give to people in need and help others in as many ways as possible. With this youth board I get to see what is going on and how I can help the people of our community.

Summer Tietje | Youth Board Member
I am a junior at Atascadero High School. I have lived in SLO County my whole life. I love water polo and swimming. I am involved in Student Impact at ABC Church, FCA club, and babysit for many families. The reason I want to be a part of the youth board is because I have seen the needs people have, and would love to fill those needs to the best of my ability. In the future, I want to be able to say that I have changed people’s lives for the good. A quote that inspires me is: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” (Mahatma Gandhi).