Our Mission

The Impact of Poverty

Individual Quality of Life | Rise in crime, gang activity, lack of proper after school care, high school dropouts, teen pregnancies, and abuse.

Future Generations | Establishment of cycles as life issues escalate. Discrimination & social exclusion push children to aggressive behavior & less self-control.

Local Economy | Without healthy, self-reliant families to contribute to our community, we cannot grow and sustain the economy.

Our Culture | Crime & unemployment in impoverished neighborhoods often lead to chronic poverty.


Our Solution

must! charities is driven by a collaboration of friends and business owners dedicated to improving quality of life in San Luis Obispo’s North County through empowering local organizations to make strategic change that creates long-term, philanthropic, sustainable transformation within the region.

  • Based on community needs, we work with existing non-profits in a variety of sectors, including education, healthcare, mentoring, employment coaching and more.
  • We make a greater, more focused impact through collaboration
  • We foster relationships through expertise, research, & other resources.
  • We empower nonprofits to make strategic, sustainable change.

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The Situation of Poverty

Source: United States Census Bureau, Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates, 2009; SLO County Action for Healthy Communities Report 2010