Current Partners

Donors who donated in 2017 thru today.

Our donors are our “partners”—people who care about our community and are willing to make a difference. We call them partners because that’s just what they are; part of a collaborative effort as we pool funds and resources together to give bigger and better for our community.

must! charities exists because of these partners. We value strength in numbers and take a grassroots, “barn-raising” approach by bringing a community together to make big things happen. This collaboration is rooted in mutual respect for our partners’ goals, passions, and efforts.

Thank you to our partners, for your willingness to join us, hand-in-hand, as we unite the local community and make a sustainable, cooperative impact in the lives of those around us.

To join our team of partners, click here.

Visionary Partners

Businesses & Individuals that have incorporated must! charities in their day-to-day lives & operations, by giving a portion of their proceeds, introducing special products benefiting must! charities, or by donating $10K annually.

Business Patrons

Businesses that have given a generous one-time gift to must! charities.


Individuals who support must! charities through their personal means.

  • Alsup Family
  • Ancient Peaks Winery
  • Anji Perry
  • Ann Leonard
  • Anne Hilbert
  • Barbara Mikelonis
  • Berna Dallons
  • Brad Bogel
  • Bruce Smitham
  • Caralyn De Jong
  • Cecily Ray
  • Chuck and Marlyn Hope
  • Cynthia Lohr
  • Dan & Joanne Peterson
  • Dan & Mona Lloyd
  • David Fontana
  • Davis & Staci Hyde
  • Diehl & Rodewald
  • Don & Leanne Swanson
  • Ed Garren
  • Elizabeth Crabtree
  • Imtiaz Dadabhoy
  • Isabel De Ballard
  • Ivan Zucker
  • James Buttery
  • James Rice
  • Jeff Meier
  • Jim & Judy Wells
  • Judith Starr
  • Julia Holstead
  • Kingsley Burns
  • Kishiyama Family
  • Kristen Barnhisel
  • Larry Smyth
  • Lawrence Benedict
  • Leeda Johnson
  • Les and Yvonne Toma
  • Linda Gray
  • Linda Nazaretian
  • Mark and Michele Cotta
  • Mark Deiro
  • Michael Dewitt
  • Michelle Cheshire
  • Mindy Hamers
  • Nancy Fiske
  • Paul & Katie Winkler
  • Pebble & Terry Smith
  • Randy & Becky Gray
  • Reta Burkes
  • Richard Bays
  • Rigg Family
  • Robert Woods
  • Roscoe Myrick
  • Roy Thomas
  • Sanja Peter
  • Sarah Coplen
  • Sharon Glick
  • Sierra Christensen
  • Signe Zoller
  • Ted Allrich
  • Terry and Sue Minshull
  • Thomas Hope
  • Tim Kensinger
  • Tracy Secchioaroli
  • Vicki Di Francesco
  • Vintegrate Winery Software
  • Ward Family Trust

In Kind Patron

Businesses and individuals who donate their services on behalf of must! charities.

Legacy Patrons

We lost the following individuals whose legacy will continue through must! charities project giving.

  • Annette Cassidy
  • Bibiche Peck
  • Dollie Duval
  • Jack Peschong
  • Joseph "Jack" Morales
  • Katie Warner
  • Ted Burgess

Honorary Patrons

A gift has been made in the name of the following people:

  • Antonio and Kasia Varia
  • Brad & Dana Davis
  • Brittany Hensley
  • Chuong Pham
  • Dan Ross
  • Guy Jr & Teresa Branch
  • Jason Mueller
  • Kenneth Dahlen
  • Matthew Locklin
  • Pat and Kim Pederson
  • Rachel Dahlen
  • Rebecca Otteson

Event Patrons

Thank you to our 2017 Event Supporters - click HERE for a complete list.