Our Financials

At must! charities, one of our core values is accountability. We seek to remain accountable to you because accountability brings credibility. In turn, credibility brings confidence. Holding ourselves to the highest level of integrity brings a level of trust to both our partner organizations and to those we serve. We prioritize reporting and statistics that provide transparency in our community efforts.

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Below is a snapshot of our current un-audited financial status. Our executive board provides for all general administrative costs, so that 100% of your donations go right to the need.

2017 Year To Date Financial Update (un-audited as of December 31, 2017)

Non-Executive Board Financials:

  • 2017 Contributions: $338,612 (additional funds rolled over from 2016 = $708,437 for a total amount of $1,047,049)
  • 2017 Giving Expenses: $433,744
    • dollar amount shown is YTD cash distributed, but does not reflect the entire collaborative gifting amount - as we pay out in installments over time based on bench marks met each quarter. (currently we have remaining giving commitments of $356,861 through 2020).
    • as of 1.1.18 we have $256,444 non-committed funds available for new project(s).


Executive Board Financials - (covers 100% of the overhead so that 100% of other giving goes directly to projects)

  • 2017 Contributions: $205,801 
  • Expenses (Admin/Overhead): $185,582

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