Ideas for Involvement

How we began. 

In 2012 a concept birthed out of the Paso Wine Region. Winery owners saw the need to give back cohesively and strategically. This allowed these wineries to streamline their giving practices as well as their business efficiencies. This simple concept has impacted multiple non-profits and thousands of lives right in our own back yard. Now is your opportunity to be involved.

We are you.

Business owners, community members, employees, and volunteers who together invest in our community for positive social returns.

Impact Giving.

When we all do our part to give back, we change a community. We make a statement. We make a difference. We impact thousands of lives – right here in our own backyard. Lives who are dependent on our industry, and lives who we depend on for our business success.

How We Give.

We use an innovative approach to giving. We fund organizations that are most effective at dealing with our greatest community needs. We are transforming multiple non-profits across our region. We are talking big picture, transformational change for our communities.


A simple commitment for one month. Listen to what others in your industry have to say about it.

“The problems that our county faces can be daunting. But everyone I speak to wants to help. With the buck a bottle program it’s easy for us, easy for our customers, and great for the causes must! charities supports: we donate a dollar from every bottle we sell, whether in our tasting room, online, or over the phone, for December, which is one of our busiest months. It’s a program anyone can administer, and everyone can feel good about.”         

                 ~ Jason Haas, General Manager at Tablas Creek Vineyard


“Donating $1 per bottle sold is a collaborative way to collect donations from our customers and seamlessly bring attention to the efforts of Must Charities in our community.”

                  ~ Janell Dusi, President & Winemaker at J Dusi Wines

What if?

What if we all joined in? In just thirty days we could raise enough money to launch another new project in our community, or maybe even a few new projects.

Get Involved.

Be a difference maker. Whether you produce 50 cases or 50,000 cases, must! gives everyone an opportunity to give back. For more information on how to be a part of the buck-a-bottle program reach out to Becky directly at