Ideas for Involvement

We believe everyone can be a philanthropist, no matter their age, business, or personal beliefs.

Just as a community is made up of diversity, so are our partners.  We have families who get involved and teach their kids how to be a part of a big movement, local businesses who have committed to giving as a way of doing business, local events that name must! as a beneficiary, and foundations who want to make must! charities part of their giving portfolio. The bottom line is that anyone can be a partner if they are willing.

Support can range from incporating giving into a business plan, to donating on a monthly basis, to supporting employees in volunteer efforts, to supporting events that benefit must! charities, to hosting a golf tournament or fun run, to leveraging relationships to volunteering at beneficiary events. The possibilities are endless and each provide tangible benefits with project collaborators - you CAN make a difference!

Click the links below to get some ideas, and take some time to brainstorm other ways you can participate.

We encourage you to involve your family, friends, and colleagues in our collaborative effort to make long-term sustainable change in our community.

For Families & Friends (PDF)
For Restaurants & Other Businesses (PDF)
For Wineries (PDF)

Share your ideas with us on Facebook. You can also contact us if you have questions or would like assistance on ways you can help.