Common Ground Wine

COMMON GROUND - RED WINE - PASO ROBLES (primarily a Zinfandel/Syrah blend)

Holding to their belief in giving back to the community, several Paso Robles winemakers have combined their efforts to support must! charities. 100% of the wine, supplies, and time were donated.  And the proceeds from the sale will go directly to must! charities.  Pick up a bottle or a case while supplies last!

Places who sell Common Ground:

  • Templeton - 15C, McPhee's Bar & Grill, Nino's Bar & Grill
  • Paso Robles - Albertsons, Hampton Inn & Suites, Odyssey Cafe, Thomas Hill Organics
  • San Luis Obispo - Albertsons
  • Morro Bay - Albertsons, Spencers, Staxx
  • Cambria - Black Cat Bistro, Bob & Jan's Bottle Shop, Breen Realty, Centrally Grown, Robin's Restaurant
  • Camarillo - Best Buy Market, Wine & Lotto
  • Westlake Village - Wades Wines Retail
  • Fresno - The Tasting Room