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CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) - Addressing The Needs Of North County

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) - Addressing The Needs Of North County

This proposed collaboration with must! charities will enable CASA to develop and operate a program of advocacy for children in the North County.  CASA has recognized the need to increase awareness in the North County of CASA’s program and to also bring attention to the significant number of children in the North County needing advocacy.


San Luis Obispo County Statistics: At present, there are 460 children in the county who have been abused and neglected and are under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Dependency Court.  110 CASA volunteers are providing advocacy for 149 of these children.  However, there are 311 children on the court’s waitlist to be assigned a CASA volunteer.

North County Statistics: Although CASA of San Luis Obispo County serves abused and neglected children throughout San Luis Obispo County, the need in the North County continues to be significant in terms of the number of children being served and the number on the waitlist to be assigned a CASA volunteer.

Of the 460 children under the jurisdiction of the court countywide, 180 are from the North County (40%).  CASA currently serves 60 of these children, with 120 remaining on the waitlist.

Program sustainability will result from:

  • A comprehensive targeted recruitment in the North County of CASA volunteers.
  • Conducting on-going outreach and networking with business owners, community leaders, and collaborative partners in the North County to increase support.
  • Identify and secure participation of additional Corporate Sponsors in the North County for multi-year funding of the CASA program.
  • By Year 4, CASA will have in place an annual, highly successful, fundraising event held in the North County.  

Our Commitment

must! charities is committed to a 4-year, $262,551 collaboration with CASA to address the un-met needs they have in San Luis Obispo's North County. By pursuing the four year plan, CASA will not only be able to help more children in the North County  find safe, nurturing, and permanent homes, CASA will also be able sustain this program after support from must! charities is completed. The four-year plan includes but is not limited to the following

  • Hire a full time CASA Advocate Supervisor, under the supervision of CASA’s Executive Director, to focus on North County recruitment, marketing, training, and supervision of new CASA volunteers.
  • CASA will hold 2 initial training classes for North County volunteers and then continue with more North County training courses each year. 
  • Increase CASA volunteer support staff in the North County.
  • The swearing of the new CASA volunteers in the North County by a judge will take place at the Paso Robles Superior Court.
  • Sometime during Year 1, CASA will also enter into agreement with AmeriCorps to hire one AmeriCorps member on a full time basis (CASA has participated with AmeriCorps for the past three years as an employment site with excellent candidates providing very good results.)
  • Formation of a CASA North County Guild to assist with events in North County.
  • Year 3 hire a second North County Advocate Supervisor on a full time basis to supervise overflow of new CASA volunteers and to provide program support. 
  • Year 4, CASA will continue to provide full case management of with two full time supervisors.  Training classes will continue to be held at North County locations. At the end of Year 4, there will be 66 CASA volunteers serving 92 children in the North County.

Project Progress


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