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People's Self-Help Housing - Camino Scholars Program

People's Self-Help Housing - Camino Scholars Program




Over the past three years must! charities has built a relationship with PSHH. Our Collaborative team observed and tracked PSHH’s success at their 10 other learning sites. Countless hours of research and strategy have been invested to be certain this commitment will be a success.



  • 80 youth in grades K-12 have been identified to be a part of this program at the Rolling Hills Apartment Complex.


  • Templeton has always been affluent, however, the number of units of affordable housing has increased over the past 3 years, with a continued growth plan over the next 10 years.


  • The Rolling Hills Apartment Complex currently has 80 units, Phase 2 was recently completed. Funding for Phase 3 is in the works with a projection of 30 additional units and a completion date of 2022.


  • Currently, there is no affordable after-school program that supports educational growth for low-income families in Templeton.


  • Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) recognizes the need for this support program. This program will bridge a much-needed gap when it comes to communication with families as well as educational success.

Our Commitment

Fully fund a 2-year launch of the Camino Scholars Program at the Templeton Rolling Hills Apartment Complex, owned and operated by People’s Self-Help Housing Corporation (PSHH). Camino Scholars is a site-based learning program for youth who are paired with mentor-educators making sure students and families have the support they need.

The primary focus of the year-round after-school program is to advance the math and literacy levels of our students. In addition to the academic focus, PSHH also provides students with enrichment opportunities such as day camps, excursions, and field trips during seasonal breaks. For high schoolers, the College Club provides support and guidance from application through graduation.

Because PSHH works with the whole family, they have been able to offer other assistance to help with food insecurity, connecting those in need to mental health services, and referring individuals to other community resources. 

This two year, $227,767 investment will change lives and strengthen community. At the end of year two, PSHH will take full responsibility to continue to fund and run the program.

A must! liaison will serve on the newly formed community-based advisory committee, whose purpose is to serve to support the program staff, provide feedback and fresh perspectives on programmatic issues, and from time to time make recommendations and/or provide key information to the PSHH board of directors as it relates to the Camino Scholars program.


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