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A Community Kitchen at El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO)

A Community Kitchen at El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO)

We are excited to announce this project, A Brand New Commercial Kitchen & Dining Room Renovation at ECHO (El Camino Homeless Organization). A $130,000 investment that will dramatically improve daily operations and direct client services, with ongoing cost-saving, creating a long-term economic asset to the organization.

This renovated kitchen will have an area for training and food preparation; a commercial range, walk-in cold storage, sink and dishwasher; additional storage; appropriate flooring; a larger serving area; and redesigned dining area. 

In 2017 ECHO approached must! and asked us to invest in a kitchen renovation. We saw the cosmetic needs at the time but asked that they dig deeper with us and look at how this project could further impact a community for good. Together we looked into needs from our friends in the culinary industry as it pertains to hiring and job placements. We not only got information from them, we brought must! donors together who were passionate about this project, and they brought people, and the ripple effect continued out.

This project is and will continue to morph into a project that far surpassed our original expectations. Be sure to follow along as this project unfolds, as it is one of the best community collaborative efforts we've ever seen.


Our Commitment

this investment when all is complete will produce several outcomes that will benefit the organization, its residents, as well as our community. We are calling this the "must! community kitchen" as it is a win for the entire community.


  • Access to jobs for residents.  The commercial upgrades will provide a setting for job skills training, increasing resident’s hiring appeal and speeding up their ability to secure jobs.
  • Improved health for residents.  Being healthy reduces lost wages, economic instability, and health care spending. The upgrades will allow residents to participate in healthy cooking classes, create a place where healthy breakfast and lunches can be prepared, and offer supplemented cooking opportunities for the already amazing dinner program provided by volunteers. Food safety and sanitation will be easier to maintain.
  • Cost savings and benefits for the environment.  The cost and waste of disposable plates, bowls, and utensils will be eliminated along with other resident and staff expenses currently incurred.
  • Increased support for mental wellness at the shelter.  Dinner can be a difficult time for residents with mental health issues. The renovated serving area will cut down long-delayed wait lines, allow for more personal interaction with community volunteers, and provide a more welcoming evening routine that will help residents in their recovery.


Project Progress


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