Meet Kacie Pechota, our New “Office Ninja”

I am so excited to let you know we have a new employee at must! charities and we’d like for you to meet her. Welcome Kacie Pechota, our new “Office Ninja” (best title ever!). Kacie began working with us last month assisting me in the office, and I am thrilled to have her as part of the must! team. I interviewed her recently so you could get to know her. ~ Becky

Becky: Tell us about yourself…

Kacie: I have been on the Central Coast for just over 6 years.. bouncing around Nipomo and Orcutt before finally settling on Templeton.  My son is in kindergarten at Templeton Elementary and is promising to live with my husband and I forever.  I enjoy long walks on the beach, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, making my own preserves and practicing Women’s Jiu Jitsu… I consider myself to be a loyal, hardworking, sass mouthing party just waiting to happen.  I can also sing all the words to just about every Disney song from the past 30 years. 

Becky: What lead you to must! charities?

Kacie: I came to must! charities by way of Templeton Middle School, where I had been working for the past year.  When I started, at TMS, I was TERRIFIED of the Middle School Hormones.  I didn’t speak teenager and definitely did NOT know how to handle a distraught and dramatic diva.  However, I quickly grew to love and adore every one of those little turkeys!  As it turns out, Middle Schoolers don’t bite.  One day, I received a ray of sunshine message from the lovely and talented Becky Gray asking if I would be interested in hearing about the wonderfulness that is must! charities.  I instantly felt as if my previous work experiences (selling wheelchairs & wedding dresses, bunco organizing (because herding cats is a real struggle), corporate recruiting, Executive Assisting, and being a second mama to the Middle School Misfits all came together in this beautiful green package with oak leaves on top!  I am looking forward to being a part of the goodness and kindness that must! is spreading throughout our North County community, especially the must! charities youth board! 

Becky: How do you like to spend your time on a day off?

Kacie: On a day off, I would hope the weather would be sunny and warm if so, I’d call up my family and friends to meet me out on the lake with boats, tubes, paddleboards and fishing poles.  I’d spend the whole afternoon with my favorite people fishing, tubing, making memories and drinking ice cold Jack Creek Cellars Chardonnay (disclaimer: this is not an ad, and no payment was made for this mention – ha ha!)... and I would pray I don’t wake up sore or hungover the next day.  

:::Fun Facts about Kacie:::

I’ve been married for 10 years

I’ve never and will never karaoke.  Ever.

I fell out of a chair in 8th grade and busted out my front teeth.  I went through High School with a gray tooth and an off-white tooth.  

The last time I paddle boarded in Avila, I saw some VERY large kelp coming up through the water and I swore it was a shark coming up to eat me and haven’t paddled out into the ocean since then…thus, the lake day.

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for the past 11 years and I still can’t have a conversation…but 2020 is going to be my year!