A Chance at ECHO: Tom and Jolie

ECHO, El Camino Homeless Organization is a transitional shelter in Northern San Luis Obispo County that is helping families and individuals find permanent housing. ECHO is for people who are ready to make a change in their lives. People like Tom, Jolie, and their son.

Tom wandered into ECHO confused, hungry and tired.  Over lunch he talked about how he, his partner and their son were sleeping on friends’ couches after he lost his job over a year ago. Though he just took a job working for a landscaper, he had no food and no place to stay. 

The next day, his family moved into ECHO. Case management worked with Tom on a monthly budget and provided tools to save and spend wisely. Tom and Jolie ate dinner and breakfast every night at ECHO and packed lunches each morning so they would not spend any money on food.

They were careful not to spend unnecessarily and truly used the resources at ECHO to help save the most they could. ECHO connected Jolie with CAPSLO for daycare options for their son. Once they got him into a daycare, she began working part time at a store in Paso Robles.

Tom and Jolie saved $10,000 during their stay at ECHO.  Using the computer at the shelter, they began looking for a home to rent.  Soon, they moved into their own permanent and stable housing.

Tom talked about how he will be forever grateful for that one afternoon when he wandered on to the ECHO campus and realized that if he wanted to, ECHO could provide him with the stability and support he needed to make a positive change in his life.

ECHO gave Tom and Jolie a second chance and their story is just one example of a life positively affected by ECHO.