Charlie and Greg: Success at CASA

Did you know there are over 500 kids in our county who are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and need a Court Appointed Special Advocate? CASA advocates make recommendations to the court, based on the best interest of the children.

Let us share with you what that looks like for a child in our community. CASA volunteer Greg has been advocating for Charlie, a 17-year-old. Charlie’s mother is deceased and he has had no contact with his biological father and very limited contact with other relatives.

Charlie has been in 7 foster homes in the past 5 years. His autism diagnosis has added more complexity to his case. Transition is hard enough for any child, but for youth with autism, it’s monumental. Greg has made these foster home transitions much easier by being a stable, consistent and caring presence for Charlie.

Greg spends quality time with Charlie and takes him into the community every week, helping him feel more comfortable in new situations. They go bowling, to the archery range, play board games, go shopping, and play at the park. Greg has also been instrumental in keeping Charlie connected with some of his extended family members. Greg also holds the Educational Rights for Charlie. He attends all of the educational meetings to advocate for his best interests and is in regular contact with his teachers.

As Charlie gets closer to graduating high school, Greg is starting to focus his efforts on ensuring that Charlie receives services to help him gain needed independent living skills.

This is just one example of lives positively affected by a CASA volunteer advocate.