Success Story: CASA

Did you know there are over 490 kids in our county who are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and need a Court Appointed Special Advocate? CASA advocates make recommendations to the court, based on the best interest of the children. Let us share with you what that looks like for a child in our community.

CASA volunteer, Pam, is advocating for a one-year old who was born to a former foster youth. This young mother is now an adult who has overcome some of the most extreme circumstances in her short life. And now, she has a baby of her own. Along with advocating for the one-year old, Pam is also a positive role model for this young mother.

Pam takes the mom and toddler to their medical appointments, the park, the zoo and other outings. The mother trusts Pam implicitly and this is the basis for their relationship. Pam is kind, non-judgmental, and patient. She sees the positives in the mother, and provides an extra pair of eyes for the court.

Pam is instrumental in breaking the cycle of abuse for this family.

This is just one example of lives positively affected by a CASA volunteer advocate.