Success Story: ECHO

ECHO, El Camino Homeless Organization is a transitional shelter in Northern San Luis Obispo County that is helping families and individuals find permanent housing. ECHO is for people who are ready to make a change in their lives. People like Henry.

Henry was an engineer from Southern California. A couple of years ago, he started having trouble with his eyesight and was struggling at work. At the same time, his wife became sick and passed away. His world was shattered. He stopped caring about anything, including his bills. Soon, he lost his home and was living in his car.

After several months, he woke up one day sick and tired of being sick and tired. He knew his wife would want better for him and he vowed to make a change. First, he scheduled his eye surgery. Second, he researched homeless shelters and applied at ECHO.

During his stay at ECHO, Henry was focused on finding a job, willing to relocate to do so. He accepted a position in Davis and found a home to rent. Henry says being at ECHO is exactly what he needed to get back on his feet and the support of case managers helped make that possible.

ECHO gave Henry a second chance and his story is just one example of a life positively affected by ECHO.