Success Story: Boys and Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club provides educational support, dropout prevention, and guidance. They are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. There are children in our community that without the Boys and Girls Club, would have no place to go after school. Kids like Stephen.

Stephen has been attending the Boys and Girls Club since kindergarten. He had always been a ball of sunshine, but last year the staff saw a dramatic shift in Stephen’s behavior. It became rare for Stephen to have a good day.

Stephen was running away, lashing out at other club members, and openly defied staff direction. Finally, he was given one last chance. The Club developed a safe place plan for when Stephen started to feel overly stressed. This safe place not only provided a break from the stimulation, but also de-escalated situations early enough where Stephen began to recognize the triggers and could catch them early. He also was able to apologize for his missteps.

Stephen is now the number one helper behind the desk and his resilience is a source of pride for his family and his club. Stephen is a prime examples of what the Boys and Girls Club strives to do. Support, engage, improve and impact children’s lives.