Success Story: Boys and Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club provides educational support, dropout prevention, and guidance. They are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. There are children in our community that without the Boys and Girls Club, would have no place to go after school.  Kids like Reagan and Mary.

Reagan and Mary are two girls in the Club’s 3rd grade class. They are identical twins who look and act identical. The two of them started attending the Boys and Girls Club about half way through the summer. They both seemed shy at first.

As they became more comfortable, they began yelling, running during class and talking out of turn. The staff noticed this abrupt change in behavior and began to be stricter with them guiding them on behavior while at the Club

Just as quickly as they became disruptive, they became gentler and more respectful. They now follow the rules and are both one of the top students in the class.

This is exactly what the Boys and Girls Club strives to do. Support, engage, improve and impact children’s lives.