ECHO Success Story: Nadine

Last year, must! charities launched a half-million dollar collaboration with ECHO, El Camino Homeless Organization which is a transitional shelter. Every homeless person at ECHO has a unique situation. However, they all have something in common. The number one reason for becoming homeless is lack of affordable housing. ECHO is here to help.

Here to help people like Nadine.

Nadine was homeless for three years before arriving at ECHO. Being a domestic violence survivor, she had difficulty dealing with daily tasks and was anxious at night. She had been couch surfing with her children because she was not able to afford her own place to live.

Upon her entrance interview at ECHO, it was decided that she would focus on her mental health and recovery. With guidance from ECHO case managers, Nadine sought help from Transitions Mental Health Association and Community Counseling Center in SLO. She also completed an orientation with the Department of Rehabilitation for career counseling.

After a few months at ECHO, Nadine was approved for subsidized housing and found a small apartment in SLO. She is currently working on starting her own business.

When asked about her experience at ECHO she said, “Staff treated me with respect. They believed in me and cared. My case managers were always there to listen to and provide me with encouragement.”

This is just one example of a life positively affected by ECHO.