Youth Works: Success Story

Our must! charities Youth Board has invested time and funds into Youth Works, an organization that teachers leadership skills, and job skills to prepare youth for the working world.  At must! charities we are data-driven and LOVE seeing success like this!

September 1, 2017
Number of youth participating: 34 working

As of August 31, 2018
Number of youth who have participated this grant year: 83 worked, 32 of them new this year; an additional 199 individuals (76 new) participated in our programs other than working (4-H Science & new activities this year: Run Club, Coding Club, Homework Club, summer camp, swimming lessons ).

Jobs have included  farming, woodworking, payroll, cooking, planting/tending rose cuttings, pulling grades for group, staffing Templeton Wine Festival and Templeton Beer Festival, recycling, teaching cooking, teaching & delivering programming for Oak Park Coding Club, writing thank you notes.