Boys and Girls Club Success Story: Tommy

The Boys & Girls Club provides educational support, dropout prevention, and guidance. They are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun.  As must! charities inaugural project, we have maintained a presence with their club for the last six years and continue to be inspired by their successes.

There are children in our community that without the Boys and Girls Club, would have no place to go after school. Kids like Tommy, who first entered the club at aged 5.  Tommy was aggressive and also would cry inconsolably at what seemed to be pent up anger and stress.

Despite this, the staff saw a kind-hearted child who complimented peers and was gentle with the younger members. Together with his mother and Tommy, the club worked to find solutions to his outbursts and address his rejection of club rules.

Over time, Tommy began to recognize when he was getting angry and now comes into the club’s office before an outburst. The club’s cooperation with his family and Tommy’s willingness to address his unhealthy instincts has created daily progress and milestones.

He has stronger connections with same-aged peers, follows the rules more consistently and feels better about his place at the club.

Tommy is a prime examples of what the Boys and Girls Club strives to do. Support, engage, improve and impact children’s lives.