Just One Example of a Life Positively Affected by CASA

When she was 8 years old, “Juliette” was removed from her home because of neglect and placed with a foster family. Within two months, Juliette had been moved to three different foster homes, including a placement with a step-parent who did not like or want her. CASA volunteer Susan was matched with Juliette to serve as an advocate who would also be a stable person in a young life that had already seen so much chaos.

Susan spent time building a strong bond with Juliette and concentrated on learning all she could about the child, her education and her family ties. Juliette was returned to her mother’s care after several months in foster care and Susan continued to see Juliette weekly. Although from the outside, the little family looked to be doing well, Susan noticed that Juliette was frequently ill and had lost weight.

Juliette’s teacher reached out to Susan with concerns about Juliette’s attendance, health and family life. Juliette’s mother also began avoiding Susan, delivering Juliette to locations other than the family home for her visits with Susan. All of these concerns were reported to child welfare workers. During this time, the mother also began having positive tests for methamphetamine. Juliette was again removed from her mother’s care to a foster home.

Susan has been Juliette’s advocate, friend and mentor for more than two years, providing ongoing support to Juliette. Juliette’s foster family is so in love with Juliette that they have decided to adopt her. Susan says, “Juliette’s future is bright because everyone, the social worker, her teacher and the foster family, worked to address Juliette’s needs as they arose.” And Juliette says, “I’m happy here and even though Susan will not be my CASA anymore, my family and I will be seeing Susan again soon, so I won’t have to say goodbye.”