SLO County Garbagemen’s Association Donates $5,000 to Must! Charities

Must! Charities is proud welcome the SLO County Garbagemen’s Association as a partner, having recently donated $5,000 to must! charities, one of many groups it has supported over the last 50 years. Together with other must! charities partners, they aim to meet the greatest social needs facing Northern San Luis Obispo County by empowering local organizations to make strategic change that creates long-term, philanthropic, sustainable transformation within the region.

“I was thrilled when Ian Hoover walked in my door to inform me about the donation, and to learn that the association lets public officials choose where the donation goes,” Stated Becky Gray, Executive Director of must! charities. “Our public officials see the needs in our community better than most, and then to be chosen to facilitate the use of funds by Supervisor Peschong was an honor.”

The SLO County Garbagemen’s Association is committed to serving its customers and communities throughout San Luis Obispo County and recognizes that contributions to local charities are one way in which to do so. Over the years the Association had supported programs which have provided benefits to County youth through donations to the Shandon School System, the Boys and Girls Club, the San Miguel Community Pool, CASA of San Luis Obispo, and the Nipomo Library, and to senior citizens and other County residents through donations to Meals on Wheels.

Recently Supervisor John Peschong identified needs within the North County. He says, “I appreciate the SLO Garbagemen’s Association’s dedication to giving back to our community. This $5,000 donation to must! charities will go a long way in helping the growing needs in San Luis Obispo County.”

The Association became aware of must! charities’ role in improving life for residents of this area of the County, and committed to granting a donation to that organization to meet those needs. Must! Charities has committed over $1.5 million dollars since its inception in 2012 and have current collaborations with CASA of San Luis Obispo County, El Camino Homeless Organization, Boys and Girls Club of Northern San Luis Obispo County.