Big Sister Bailey and Little Sister Vanesa: Why We Need Each Other

Little Sister Vanesa, had big, big worries.

Where would her family live this time, if mom lost her job again?

How would they get to school if the car broke down again?

And worst of all, if her brother got sick again, would he die this time?

Big Sister Bailey helped Vanesa take a break from feeling stressed about her family’s past. Together, they faced some fun, kid-sized challenges. Bailey taught Vanesa how to make collages and paint with watercolors. She showed her how to look up books at their local library. Bailey introduced Vanesa to yoga and meditation.

Now, when Vanesa feels worried, she knows what to do. She does something creative to express her feelings. She gets more information to better understand the problem. She breathes deep to relax her body. “All those things help” Vanesa says, “But the best thing to do when you’re worried is to call a good friend who will just be there for you. My Big Sister Bailey is that kind of friend to me.”

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer