Kayla & Carmen: A Big Sisters Tale of Trust

Kayla and her sisters were not allowed to tell anyone where they lived. They were in hiding from an abusive relative. They spent time in shelters and in homes of friends before they were finally able to get an apartment of their own. Kayla’s mom was very careful about who they met, where they went, and who knew where they were. She took them to their new school, picked them up, and did all of her shopping and errands close to home. The girls were kept in a small world of home and school and became timid and uncomfortable in public places. As time went on and Kayla’s mom began to feel safer, she reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters – which was a big leap of faith. She asked that no photos be taken, and she did not share her address for a long time.

The family is still careful about where they go and who they meet, but if you ask Kayla, she will say, “Spending time with Carmen is my most favorite thing to do. She keeps me safe, and we have so much fun.”

This is an example of one life positively affected by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer