Must! Charities and Mentoring: Children Like Samantha

Little Sister Samantha, a 3rd grader, had difficulties reading and writing. At recess she would often visit the nurse’s office. Her teacher was not sure why this was occurring, until one day Samantha was brave enough to share with the school nurse that she was being bullied during recess. Samantha was unsure how to handle the situation so she would avoid her bully by complaining about stomach aches and visiting the nurse’s office.

Samantha’s mother enrolled her in Big Brothers Big Sisters with hopes that she would gain social skills and increase her self-esteem. She wished Samantha would be matched with a supportive Big Sister who was patient and sensitive.

Elizabeth joined to our program to become a Big Sister because she wanted to make a difference in her community. She finds that dedicating a bit of time to a child can make a BIG difference in their lives. She enjoys volunteering at elderly homes and reading to them. She has noticed that they also value the time that she shares with them, just as children do. Elizabeth wanted to share this volunteer experience with her Little.

Samantha and Elizabeth were matched over a year and they volunteer together at least once a month. Samantha has improved her reading skills while reading to the elderly and is now more confident about herself. Elizabeth and Samantha have had several conversations about how to handle bullying. They even role-played together to help Samantha stop the bullying at school. Samantha is no longer spending her recess at the nurse’s office and feels safe at school.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer