Be a Kid Again: Greta and Karen

Greta, at 10 years old, had been dealing with adult-sized anxieties and responsibilities. When her family lost their housing, she worried about where they would live. When her dad started hitting, Greta was the one who decided whether or not to call the police. When her mom cried, Greta was the one who helped her feel better.

Greta was living a very stressful life and missing out on just being a child.

With Big Sister Karen, Greta is excited and grateful to just have fun and forget her concerns for a while. They make Halloween costumes and Valentines. Karen, a musician, is teaching Greta to play guitar.

The family has a safe home now, and a counselor who helps them heal from their past. Greta’s time with Karen is helping her imagine and prepare for a safe and happy future.

This is just one life, one family impacted by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer