Q&A – What is must! charities?

Becky sat down with Barry Goyette, who is creating a promotional video for must! charities.  His questions are questions we hear every day – and here is what we say about must!

How is Must! Charities different from other fundraising organizations?

must! is a public gifting organization – pooling resources and expertise to tackle the biggest social issues/needs that our communities are faced with. Everything is statistically and data driven. We provide evocative partnerships with organizations servicing the biggest needs, and come along side them with a hand-up approach versus a hand out approach. 100% of our donor funds go directly to our projects, thanks to our Executive Board who cover all of our overhead and administrative expenses.

Why wouldn’t I just give money directly to Food Bank, Big Brothers, Boy’s & Girls Club, Casa, Echo — in other words, what benefit is there to giving to must! if funds are ultimately funneled to those organizations?

This really boils down to a personal choice. If you are passionate about something in particular then I recommend you give to them, donate your time and resources to help them be successful. Our non profits need donors and volunteers to survive. We are not the cornerstone for these organizations – this is where individuals and businesses come into play.

At must! we live by the philosophy of “alone we can only do so much, but together we can move mountains”. Our giving is not simple. It is thought out, thoroughly vetted, and then strategically invested. We are all about impact giving. We want to give big so we can make a big difference. We want to see transformation take place in an organization, and with the services they are providing. We hold them accountable to reaching goals on a quarterly basis.

Isn’t must! just made up of a bunch of winemakers? Why can’t they just keep funding it?

While the idea of must! came about from conversations a few people in the wine industry were having about philanthropy and the lack of cohesive giving from the wine industry, the fact is not every winemaker or winery owner has the ability, the means, or the desire to give through must! Of our 200+ donors, less than 25% are from the wine industry. must! is all about ensuring our community members that everyone can be a philanthropist and give back – whether you are giving $10 per month or $10,000 per month, it doesn’t matter what you give – what matters is that you are involved and doing something because together we have the ability to really give big!