CASA Volunteers: Who Are They?

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a trained volunteer community member who is appointed by a judge to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in juvenile court proceedings. These children have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.  Read about a few of the heroes advocating for children:

Andrew Reynolds has a very unusual situation in his case. Andrew began working with this teenager when he was placed in San Luis Obispo County and was able to visit him a few times before he was moved out of the County to a residential treatment facility. Through it all, Andrew has remained steadfast and maintains in contact with the young man in anticipation of his return to the County in spite of not being able to visit in person. The boy has limited contacts in this community and Andrew has remained in his life ready to provide a connection when he returns.

Gerry Robertson started working with an older teen and is still mentoring him even though he has turned 18 and moved out of the County. Gerry has been a steadfast friend for this young person and they call on her when they have a need. Gerry has been creative with solutions and utilized the resources AB12 offers as well as other community resources to ensure the young adult has a place to live and something to eat. Gerry is quick to encourage and compliment and through thick and thin she has never wavered in her dedication to the best outcome possible for the young person.

Sherri Danoff is currently working with the sibling that Gerry is working with. Sherri began working with this family long ago with a younger sibling. As she got to know the siblings better Sherri opted to work with the older sibling along with the younger. When the case closed for the younger sibling, Sherri continued working with the older and still is on the case after the young person turned 18. Sherri is consistent and committed and ready to do what she can even when the communication is sporadic.

The CASA volunteer serves as the “eyes and ears of the court,” making sure that the needs of each child are met, with the goal of ensuring that these children grow up in a safe, caring environment. For more information on becoming a volunteers, contact CASA.

NEW! BIGS in Blue Program

What is Bigs in BlueSM?

Bigs in BlueSM is a one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth with police in communities throughout our nation, building strong, trusting, lasting relationships. These relationships can help build stronger bonds between law enforcement and the families they serve. We are pleased to roll out this initiative across the nation and looking for your support. Learn more or give a gift to support Bigs in BlueSM by selecting one of the options below. Thank you for your support.

Bigs in Blue in San Luis Obispo

Meet our first match! Big Brother Thomas and Little Brother Zachary were paired in December as our first Bigs in Blue match program. Zachary has been waiting 8 months for a mentor and is excited to have Thomas take him to fun places!

Bigs in Blue creates one-to-one mentor relationships that positively impact the children in our program. Strong, trusting, lasting relationships are built in return between law enforcement and families. Learn more here.

must! charities made this match and a total of 56 mentoring relationships in North County possible in 2016!