Jog a Thon Raises $4,900 for must! charities

The Children’s House Montessori Jog A Thon was held on November 18th – this annual event teaches the kids about giving back to their community while also getting them outdoors jogging! CHMS has a built in buddy system at their school where younger kids are partnered with older kids on campus. This year the┬ástudents wanted to partner with must! charities to support their Big Brother’s Big Sister’s Project, so they could be sure those kids who needed a “Big Buddy” in their community had the opportunity to get one because they know the value of what it means to have or be a Big Buddy.
When asked what having a “Big Buddy” is like for them, here were some of the students’ responses:
“It feels good to know that someone cares about me.”
“It’s nice to have a friend who looks out for me.”
“It feels good to help others.”
“I feel safe and cared for around my Big Buddy.”
“My Big Buddy helps me with things I need help with.”
“They are always there when I need them.”
“He gives me good advice.”
“I like being a Big Buddy because it feels good to be there for someone else and care about them.”
These kids at CHMS have the benefit of having a Big Buddy system and they experience the same things that those Bigs and Littles involved in our Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Mentor Program experience.
Thanks Children’s House Montessori School for working so hard on the Jog-a-Thon and for Giving Back to others in our community!