Happy Match Story: Isabel and Brooklyn

Happy Match Story: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Little Sister Isabel hated school because all the other kids could read and write better than she could. None of the adults in her family could help her because no one else spoke English. With 9 people living in the small house, there wasn’t a quiet place for her to sit and read. She stayed home from school some days because she didn’t want to go to class and feel like she didn’t know the answers.

bs-brooklyn-and-ls-isabelBig Sister Brooklyn took Isabel to the library on Saturdays. They played word games and read out loud. Just as Isabel started improving her grades, she started having bad stomach aches. She went to urgent care when the pain got really bad, but her mother never took her for follow-ups. Isabel started skipping school again, until Brooklyn began advocating for Isabel’s medical care.

Thanks to her Big Sister’s help, she got the treatment she needed and stopped missing class. That was three years ago.

Now Isabel is reading for fun and excelling at math. She only missed school two days this year. She has a bright future, because Brooklyn believed she could succeed if she had the chance. Now Isabel believes it too.

Thanks to must! charities we have been able to serve 53 additional children in North County! There are several children just like Isabel who need a mentor. Find out more about becoming a Big Brother or Sister at!

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer

Why We Need Male Advocates: CASA of San Luis Obispo

Advocate Michael was assigned to a teen in North County last June. They had not yet met when Michael received an urgent call from the social worker early on a Monday morning. This young man had an emergency come up over the weekend. The social worker asked if Michael would accompany her to meet him for the first time, Michael agreed. The social worker felt the young man may feel more hopeful knowing he had a CASA advocate on his side. Michael and the young man instantly connected and there were smiles all around. Michael has since advocated for a placement change for this youth that has made all the difference in the world! They get together weekly and go for hikes and walks all over the county. This relationship has been a lifeline for this youth and a perfect example as to why we need more male advocates!!!


Sextant Wines Donates Vina Athena to must! charities

CowParadeT is an international moo-ving public art exhibit that has been featured in major world cities including Paris, Hong Kong, Athens, Moscow, Milan, London, New York, Cannes, Rio, Rome and beyond. CowParade has been staged in over 75 cities and towns, bringing smiles to more than 250 million people worldwide. The CowParade shares a few common elements – community involvement, sponsors, artists, charities, beautiful cows, increased tourism and notoriety.

More than 5,000 cows – no two alike – have gone on display since CowParade’s inception in 1999, benefiting scores of local non-profits by raising more than $30 million for charity.

img_3291-e1475622510629-1024x768The CowParade has officially launched in SLO County, and specifically at Sextant Wines! The CowParade will showcase 101 (for Highway 101) of these life-size, 120-pound, fiberglass works of art. Taking place September 2016 – May 2017, our Miss Vina Athena will permanently reside at the Sextant Wines Estate.

Sextant Wines has chosen must! charites as the beneficiary of choice. To further expand our charitable efforts we will be unveiling an ‘Artist series’ in honor of Christian Evers, Vina Athena’s creator with again continuing charitable proceeds to must! charities in the coming months.