Happy Match Story: Forrest and Lou

Little Brother Forrest waited 3 years for a mentor. During that time, he lived in 7 different homes, having a mother who was in and out of rehab and a father in jail. He moved from home to home with relatives, never really having anyone to depend on. Until he met Big Brother Lou. Lou, a probation officer, had seen too many young men ruin their lives with bad choices and wanted to help Forrest escape the cycle of drugs, homelessness and unemployment.

August HMSTogether, they volunteered at the animal shelter, for the Food Bank and at beach clean-ups. Forrest began to feel like he was part of the community, with something valuable to offer. Lou took Forrest to soccer games at Cal Poly and concerts at Cuesta College. Forrest loved being on campus and imagined attending college himself one day.

Now, Forrest is uncertain if his father will get paroled or if his mom will stay sober. But, he is sure Lou will be there when he graduates from high school or maybe even college. And Big Brother Lou is sure that he will.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer