Happy Match Story: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Below is a Happy Match story from Big Brothers Big Sisters in San Luis Obispo…

Greta and Carol

  • Little Sister Greta and her half-siblings were removed from their home after their parents were charged with neglect and child endangerment. The younger children were kept together, but Greta was placed in a new foster home all by herself. For six months, she barely spoke to anyone.
  • When her social worker suggested our program, Greta was reluctant, until she learned that Big Sister Carol had been a foster child too.
  • Carol understood why Greta wasn’t very talkative. She understood why Greta was having trouble focusing at school or making new friends. She understood how scared and alone Greta felt and being understood made all the difference for Greta.
  • After almost two years of being matched, Greta is getting along great with her foster parents. She has friends at school and in the neighborhood. She feels good about herself and is excited about her future.
  • Greta still misses her family, but says, “I thought a mentor was someone who told you what to do, but Carol is someone who just listens, no matter what I need to talk about. That’s how I know she really cares about me, just like a real life sister.”

Greta and Carol

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer