Must! Charities Youth Board Donates $10,000

As the must! charities’ youth board just rounded out their school year commitment, the board was able to gift $10,000 into the community.  After a year of education on philanthropy, local non-profits, learning how to give in a well thought out way, and volunteering in the north county the youth board recently announced where they would be investing their dollars.

$5,000 was given to Boys & Girls Club to be used towards partial scholarships for youth who could not afford to attend their summer program, but were in the year-round program.  Boys and Girls Clubs gives partial scholarships to youth in need, and our youth board was excited to help those kids out and make sure they had the opportunity to be at the Club all summer, plugged into activities and assured they had a safe place to be over the summer months. Our youth board was able to volunteer at the Atascadero Pilot-Program with middle school aged kids. They enjoyed building relationships with them, playing games, and cooking dinner & dining together.

The other $5,000 would be given to The Food Bank of SLO County so that they could expand their Children’s Farmer’s Market sites and further serve more kids in the north county. This money will equate to approximately 16 more markets in the north county. Our youth had the opportunity to volunteer at these markets this past year and it left a lasting impression on them.

must! charities’ Youth Board is a group of local high school students making a positive difference through collaboration and dedication by empowering other youth to make changes that are wanted and needed to benefit the community as a whole.

Students involved have volunteered to serve a minimum of a year term (September through May) and are locally known leaders on their campus. They have displayed a willingness to serve and make a difference for those less fortunate in our community.

Requirements to serve on the 2016/2017 Youth Board:

  • Students must be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade for the fall of 2016.
  • Students must attend meetings one Sunday of each month from 6:30-7:30PM (dates to be determined)
  • Students must attend and actively participate in volunteer service projects (dates to be determined)

Applications for our 2016/2017 youth board are now available. At this time Templeton High School is well represented on the board, so we are taking applications from Paso Robles High School and Atascadero High School Students . Click Here to Apply.

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