Boys & Girls Club Success Story: Juliana

Juliana has been a Club member for over two years. When she first joined us, it was a constant struggle to get her to focus on her homework and make appropriate social choices. She was easily distracted, craved attention from her Power Hour group, and believed she couldn’t do her schoolwork. Staff recognized Juliana’s intelligence and sense of humor, but we had to work very hard to help her improve self-esteem, build focus and self-control, and believe that she could achieve more.  Juliana’s group leader, Elyse, spent many hours of one-on-one time with Juliana, as part of our on-site mentoring program.

PICT4068Elyse successfully encouraged Juliana to join Smart Girls, a program that is designed to build character and help girls successfully navigate adolescence.   Lastly, we worked in conjunction with the middle school to identify specific areas where her mentor could be of the most help with regard to academic performance.
Through considerable effort, Juliana has made enormous strides in both her behavior and academic performance.  When Power Hour starts, she is immediately on task. When she is struggling with math, instead of acting out in frustration, she calmly raises her hand and waits for help. She is now determined to finish her homework and to get good grades.  She has completely turned her grades around, achieving A’s and B’s instead of her prior D’s and F’s. This quarter she will make honor roll at Flamson Middle School, something she never thought she could accomplish.  She was in disbelief when Elyse told her that she had the grades to make honor roll.  Speechless, she slowly looked up at her, and then finally managed to utter the words, “No way”.

We, at the Club, have always been in Juliana’s corner, encouraging her and celebrating her successes, large and small.   Elyse reflected that, “It is stories like Juliana that encourage me to do what I do. To never give up on any student, because our consistency and encouragement just may be the thing they need to pick themselves up and hold their head high in confidence. That with a little help, or sometimes a lot, they can make a great future for themselves.”  We are so proud of Juliana and the personal growth she has achieved as a Club member.