A Year with Children’s Farmers Markets

Over the past year, June 2015-May 2016….must! charities provided funding for all nine north county SLO Food Bank’s Children’s Farmers Markets.All nine north county Children’s Farmers Markets are strategically located at schools with 60-90% of their students qualifying for free or reduce priced lunches.  During the past year, these markets provided over 117,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to over 9,000 children and their families.

The fresh produce from these markets provided over 97,500 meals

“I bring the fruits and vegetables home to my parents, so we can make salad. I like to put lettuce and the white broccoli in my salad. I make chicken salads and fruits ones too.” –Cadence, 2nd grade

“They sell so much fruits and vegetables that are good for you. They put stuff out to make smoothies with. They sell corn sometimes, so then I can make popcorn” –Adrian, 2nd grade

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