Success Story: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Sister Vivian and Little Sister Jessa*

  • 12 year old Little sister waited 3 years for a Big Sister who could travel to her small community in North County as well as cope with her challenging personality.
  • Mom said, “I think Jessa is hard to connect with because for so many years she didn’t have anyone she could count on. I just pray this program will help her make good choices and not grow up to get involved with drugs and stuff, like I did.”
  • 33 year old Big Sister, Vivian, brought her dogs along on hikes and beach walks so animal-loving Jessa would feel comfortable getting to know someone new.
  • After 10 successful months of growing friendship and positive mentoring, Jessa began misbehaving during their outings. Vivian felt like the match wasn’t working.
  • Match Support Specialist, Diane, coached Vivian on curtailing Jessa’s tantrums, navigating the “limit-testing” phase of the relationship and continuing to build trust between them.
  • At their one-year “match-a-versary,” Jessa said, “Vivian is the coolest person I know. She really understands me.”

BS Vivian and LS Jessa*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer