Must! Charities Youth Board Volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club

The must! charities youth board volunteered their time with The Boys and Girls Club middle school pilot program in Atascadero. Currently there are 27 youth enrolled in Atascadero’s after school program.

Youth Board Volunteersmust! charities’ youth board consists of high school aged volunteers who shared their time mingling with the middle schoolers and playing organized mixer games and a game of kickball too.  The youth also spent time in the kitchen where they prepared a meal together – there is something to be said about time in the kitchen where everyone seems to gather and is comfortable and relaxed, sharing stories, learning about each other’s favorite bands, while making a “backwards” dinner together of pancakes topped with fruit and whipped cream of course.

All in all our youth board once again walked away with the knowledge that giving of yourself is actually a great & enjoyable way to spend your time.