Food Bank SLO Progress Spotlight

Santa Rosa Academic Academy

21239700572_b53a257704_o“The farmer’s market at Santa Rosa Academic Academy is a great success. The market gives students a hands-on experience learning to make healthy food choices and budget money. Students are more willing to try new fruits and vegetables because of their experience at the farmer’s market. Some of my students are even learning how to prepare the fruits and vegetables at home with their families. Many of our students have limited access to nutritious foods–my favorite part of the farmer’s market is seeing the smiles on their faces when they sample food they haven’t tried before and discover they really like it. I know that the children were very excited to participate in the market and I also know that we have many high needs families at this site, so I am confident that the farmer’s market is making a positive impact in their lives!” Sally Immel- Champions Site Director, Santa Rosa Road Academic Academy

“It’s fun because you get yummy food.” –Audrey, 2nd grade

“You get veggies and carrots, my mom says I’m a carrot man.”–Winston, 2nd grade

“I like the farmer’s market because of all the yummy fruits and vegetables. My favorites from the market are avocados, potatoes, pears, and carrots.”–Walter, 4th grade

CFM 2015 broccoli girl Chicken Salad