CASA Success Story: Chloe

Chloe* was eight years old when she came into the juvenile dependency court system.  She had multiple injuries and medical problems; she had suffered regular beatings and periodic starvation from family members who had custody of her. Chloe became a withdrawn and fearful child.

chloeThen CASA of SLO County assigned a volunteer, Phyllis*, who visited Chloe regularly and took her for weekly outings. The park, library and the Children’s Museum were some of Chloe’s favorites. Phyllis met with Chloe’s social worker and foster family and identified some critical needs. She advocated for therapeutic services to address the trauma Chloe had been through in her life and met with other professionals to make sure Chloe got the right treatment.

Chloe soon began to laugh and play as she spent time with Phyllis. Phyllis became a great support to Chloe and continued to support her once she was adopted by her foster family.

Chloe had a voice, thanks to Phyllis, who remains a caring friend.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and CASA volunteer. Photos are courtesy of National CASA and do not portray the children named.