Boys & Girls Club Success Story – Jacob

We didn’t know everything we could’ve known about Jacob when he came through our doors.  However, we did know a bit of family history. The more we found out about his background from him, the more we marveled at his good attitude amidst a lot of struggle and stress. His attitude was one so bright with staff and students that he is what we call our bright light every day. He compliments others, helps staff and peers, and perennially wears a beaming smile.  We even had a contest to see if he could make a mad face!  No…IMPOSSIBLE! Even his maddest face looked happy still.

image-1The remarkable thing is, we found out at the Club that this attitude emanating from Jacob, which we enjoyed daily, was NOT what Jacob was formerly known for at school.  His counselor and teachers were remarking that his attitude had “changed” and “improved” with his time at the Boys and Girls Club. We then found out that his grades had vastly improved, A’s and B’s for the most part where D’s and F’s formerly were.

We realized at the Club that Jacob was a reflection of what we STRIVE to accomplish at the Club and what we are when we’re at our absolute BEST.  Here is a student whose grades were impacted with our tutoring help and whose amazing attitude, which we thought was his “usual”, had actually been greatly improved by his Club attendance.   We at the Club do find it helpful to understand where a student is coming from.  Their background, existing school situation, and home history are important things to consider when engaging with an individual.  However, we don’t judge a student based on this information.

When a member walks in our doors, who they’ve BEEN in their history or even their entire day at school preceding our program, doesn’t have to be who they ARE at the Club. No judgements or pre-conceived notions from us based on what we know or have been told, only support and positivity from our staff.  Jacob remarked the other day “I don’t know what I did BEFORE I had the Club…I don’t know what I would do NOW if I didn’t have it!” Jacob is a prime example of what the Boys & Girls Club strives to do. Support, engage, improve and impact our members.  We’ve known Jacob as the Club’s bright light and now many others get to see him this way as well.


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JB Dewar Donates Over $6700 to must! charities

We see their trucks, adorned with must! charities magnets and we know they are fueling our community!  BIG thank YOU to JB Dewar for raising over $6700 in 2015 through quarterly incentive programs, enlisting the help of their sales team!