Success Story from CASA of San Luis Obispo County

Aaron pic for STORIES0By the time Aaron* was 14 years old both his parents had passed away. Aaron was living with a relative who was rarely home and would physically abuse Aaron. Eventually, the relative was arrested and Aaron was placed in a foster home.

Aaron struggled over the loss of his parents, especially his dad. After his dad passed away, Aaron wanted some of his father’s belongings to remember him by, such as his tennis rackets, but they were repossessed and Aaron never got anything.

Aaron was assigned a CASA Advocate, George*. Aaron and George both share a love of tennis, so it was a perfect match. Aaron wanted to join the tennis team, but was struggling in school and his grades were not good enough to join the team. George arranged a meeting with some of the staff at Aaron’s school to figure out how to support Aaron academically. George helped arrange tutoring and extra help for Aaron.

Aaron worked really hard to raise his grades so he could join the tennis team. Now, his grades have improved drastically and he just made the Varsity Tennis team. In addition to making the Varsity Tennis team, Aaron has gained more self-esteem and plans to go to college.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and CASA volunteer