Happy Match Story from Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brother Evan and Little Brother Grant

Big Brother Evan and his Little Brother Grant are a wonderful example of how the one-to-one relationships which are formed through Big Brothers Big Sisters are equally beneficial for both Big and Little.

When Grant was enrolled he and his brother were both brought into the program. Grant was the younger of the two and seemed to be less active and more reserved. Evan and Grant were a perfect match and throughout their relationship, Evan has been able to foster Grant’s strengths helping him raise his confidence.

Grant couldn’t be happier with his Big who has encouraged him to pursue his passions such as cooking, band and soccer and saying, “You did a good job picking a Big for me.” Evan, who has incorporated his own culinary passion through involvement at the Wellness Kitchen based in  Templeton, is equally pleased with his experience saying, “It’s been easier and more rewarding than I could have imagined.” Evan has taken his experience as a Big Brother and applied it in his volunteer work at the Wellness Kitchen. He is currently working on a mentoring program there which would improve the lives of the children that are involved with the Wellness Kitchen. Evan continues to work hard to improve the lives of others and teaches this to his own Little, so he will grow up and do the same.

Evan and Grant