Food Bank of SLO Progress Spotlight

Lillian Larsen Elementary School

“The Children’s Farmers Market is off to a great start at Lillian Larsen Elementary School with the help of our After School Program Director, Shirley Hamblin. The students enjoy and benefit from making choices on how to spend their Farmer’s Market money. The weekly food feature has been a big hit with students learning about new types of foods or different ways to prepare and eat a food they know. In San Miguel, we have limited access to fresh fruit and vegetables in two small markets, so having the students take fresh produce home that they are excited about preparing and eating is good for everyone in the family. By running the Farmer’s Market through our after school program, students are not missing class time and are excited to share their bag of produce with their families when they are picked up at the end of the day.” Judy Bedell-Principal, Lillian Larsen Elementary School

The kids were asked, why do you shop at the Children’s Famers Market?

“Because they give you food. You get fake money and spend it on apples and oranges. Sometimes my dad makes soup.”
–Jaydyn Alvarado, 3rd grade

“They give the food for free and make us healthy.”
–Kevin Meza, 4th grade

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