Big Brothers Big Sisters Happy Match Story – Angelo & Cindy

Enjoy this story from Big Brothers Big Sisters: Angelo and Cindy

Angelo, a 15 year-old in Paso Robles, was struggling to raise his grades from F’s, D’s and C’s. He was showing up tardy for class, even though he arrived at school on time. He was having behavior problems at school, related to aggression. While he dreamed of becoming a police officer or a Marine one day, his mother worried that he was not going to achieve his dreams if something didn’t change for him. Low income and language barriers made it difficult for her to find help for him.

When Angelo learned about our program, he became excited about getting a mentor. He said he would like a Big with similar interests but made a point to add that “some different interests would be good so that I could learn about those as well.” Unlike most young men his age, Angelo was happy to accept a Big Sister if no male mentors were available.

In anticipation of the upcoming “Match Meeting,” Angelo and his mother bought a beautiful, hand-made shawl in Mexico, which they presented to Cindy on the day they met. So, Angelo’s match with Cindy got off to a “warm” start. Together, they’ve been sharing that warmth with others. They share meals with Cindy’s husband. They volunteer together at church. They prepare care packages for children in need. And sometimes, they just have fun at the beach or go grab some ice cream.

It’s too soon to tell exactly what the long lasting impacts of this relationship will be for Angelo, for his family, or for Cindy. But for now, Angelo reports feeling “comfortable and safe” with his Big. Mom is “very happy with the match and thankful for the program.” And we are grateful for must! Charities, who made this match possible.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of both the child and volunteer.

Angelo - Cindy