“Just Dive In!” Evan Vossler, Mentor

In honor of January’s National Mentoring Month, we will highlight a few of our mentors who work with must! charities partners.  We chit-chatted with Evan Vossler who works with Terry Hoage, founding member of must! charities:

image1 (2)Why Big Brothers Big Sisters – what made you make the call?

I had been curious about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for quite some time after hearing about it through various sources. In particular, I knew that they were in need of quality male mentors in the north county. I went years thinking that it would be too much time and that my life was too busy as it was. Eventually I met a girl through a friend who worked for the SLO county office and she gave me the push I needed to make the commitment.

What do you like about being a Big Brother and is it what you thought you would like?

I like being a part of their family. And seeing the process of Grant growing up has been a blast. I also like the fact that I am getting valuable insight into what it will be like to be a father, without having the full time and financial commitment. Overall it has been less of a burden and way more rewarding than I had ever dreamed.

Is having a Little Brother a blast from the past to your own childhood? Are the struggles similar?

I give Big Brothers Big Sisters a lot of credit for setting up such a great match. It actually took close to three months while they found the perfect fit. Not only does he remind me a lot of myself at that age as far as interests, but he even looks like me too! I think that both of us were a little shy during that period and it is nice that I can help him through such an interesting phase for boys.

What is the most challenging part of being a Big Brother?

I would say the most challenging thing is finding creative “kid friendly” activities that fit into your and your little’s schedule. For example, I work in the hospitality industry and never get a weekend off, whereas Grant is in school and those would be great times to get together. We make it work.

What would you tell your best friend about becoming a mentor?

I would tell my friend to stop making excuses and just dive in. There are so many kids in need of good mentors in every county that it just makes sense. Giving back to my community has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.