Happy Match Story: Armando and Cole

A Happy Match Story shared by Big Brothers Big Sisters…

Picture2From his parents, Armando has learned how to be kind, generous, hard-working and honest. But because they never attended formal school themselves and don’t speak fluent English, they are at a loss when it comes to teaching Armando how to develop good study habits at home, organize his homework, or speak to his teacher when he needs extra help. When the school counselor suggested our program, Armando’s parents were skeptical, but agreed to give it a try.

We paired this shy middle-schooler with Big Brother Cole, who is studying to be a teacher. When planning their outings, they alternate between doing something “fun” like surfing or mountain biking, and doing something “serious” like math or reading.

Armando, who used to believe that he was “dumb” and “no good at learning” has been amazed to realize that he doesn’t hate school any more. “I always have a great time on our fun days,” he recently said to Cole, “but most of the time I have fun on our serious days too.”