Oh to be 10 again…

Oh to be 10 again… – by Becky Gray

becky_grayIt’s been just over a month since I met my Little Sister. We have gotten together twice now. I didn’t realize how simple this would be, and how good this would be for my soul.

You see I have 2 teenage daughters now, who I adore. Our pool time is spent lying on rafts, working on our tan, or quick dips in the pool to cool off. Pool time with them is like being at a resort, very chill and serene.

But pool time with my Little Sister is like going back in time. Diving for dive sticks, making silly faces underwater at each other, cannonball jumps, underwater somersaults, and running and jumping on the pool floats. I’ll be honest with you, I was thinking that I wouldn’t have fun, thinking to myself, “ok – I’ve graduated to ‘lay by the pool’ status. I earned this status by doing my time… this whole swimming thing with a 9year old might be dreadful.” But, boy was I wrong.

Spending time with my Little Sister is rejuvenating. It’s fun, I mean really, really fun. It makes me feel young and free. It has brought so much joy into my life that I didn’t think was missing. Having a little sister is good for my soul.

Twice now we have spent time at my house. We’ve been swimming both times. We’ve rented a movie, baked a cake and frosted it, baked cookies, baked a pizza, and painted our nails. I have had a blast spending time with her. This week, her family invited me to join them for her 10th birthday. I was honored to join in on the fun. We enjoyed our time together and have our next outing scheduled. We are heading to the waterpark. It’s been a few years since I have been to the waterpark, and I am looking forward to enjoying it with my sweet 10-year-old friend on her level.