Happy Match Story: Jenivive and Darlene

A Happy Match Story shared by Big Brothers Big Sisters…

Picture3Jenevive’s mom has been sober for most of the last decade, but she still feels guilty about the first few years of her daughter’s life. She attends a parenting support group, trying to be a better mom, and takes college classes towards a degree, trying to build a better life. When Jenevive’s teacher expressed concerns that Jene was reluctant to follow rules or respect authority, Mom realized her child needed more positive role models to look up to. “Her whole life she’s just been watching me struggle to make things okay for us. I want her to also be close to someone whose life is already okay, so she can imagine her life like that one day.”

Darlene, a computer engineer and sculptor, has been spending 2 afternoons each month with Jene for 4 years . They take hikes, make art, go swimming and visit the library together. When asked to describe her Little Sister, she has plenty to say. “She is so articulate and engaging. An amazing young lady. She seems so mature! She’s doing well in school and with her family. She was in a resource class…for kids who need extra help. But she’s back in regular classes now and really happy about it. I don’t have any worries about HER future.”